Thought vs Taught

Ompurom, Every day is an opportunity for us to aim for the best and our daily lives should aim at improving the lives of others. I just greeted you in Bachama (Bwatiye)…

Vehicles as makeshift stalls

The instinct for survival has made people discover various ways of making ends meet. Ever since street trading had been controlled through the activities of the Lagos State Sanitation Agency and the…

Versus Series

Scrap vs Vintage

Ndegi, It is a great week for me and my…

Thought vs Taught

Ompurom, Every day is an opportunity for us to aim…

Laconic vs Loquacious Part II

Wayam, That’s “Welcome” in Bachama (Bwatiye), southern part of Adamawa…

Laconic vs Loquacious

Ya yeda, It’s another opportunity to exchange pleasantries with you…


We write on…





Versus Series

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